The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degree is a professional credential designed to prepare women and men for competent leadership in specialized ministries in their faith communities. The degree seeks to develop the general theological understanding required as a basis for specialized ministries and nurture the practical abilities and skills needed for that particular ministry form.

Program Goals

  • Demonstrate a fundamental grounding in theological studies and be able to locate their specialized vocation in the larger context of the Christian heritage and calling.
  • Understand contextual and cultural dynamics related to human and ecclesial needs, modes and models of response, and relevant resources specific to settings in ministry.
  • Possess specific competencies related to their areas of ministry that enable them to contribute more effectively to their faith communities and institutions.
  • Practice the values inherent to learning community in which critical and constructive insight is valued and the content and dynamic aspects of specialized ministries assessed in a collegial manner.
  • Commit to cultivate holy love of God and neighbor demonstrated by a knowledge of and practice in the Christian disciplines including works of service, with particular attention to a Wesleyan understanding of the means of grace.

Degree Map

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Hrs Course ID Course Name
3 CD501 Vocation of Ministry (must be taken in initial 21 hrs at ATS)
3 MS501 Missional Formation (must be taken in initial 21 hrs at ATS)
3 BT501 Biblical Narrative
3 NT(IBS)510/511 NT(IBS)510 Matthew -or- NT(IBS)511 Mark
3 CH501 Church History—One
3 CS601 Christian Ethics
3 TH501 Basic Christian Doctrine
3 WO510 Worship Leadership in the Church
3 PC510 Care of Persons
3 TH601 Theology of John Wesley
3 CD605 Gospel Catechesis: Transformative Discipleship [PRQ: TH501]
3 CH502 Church History Two
3 CL605 Christian Leadership Identity
3 MS708 World Religions and Mission
3 MM514 OR MM520 Mentored Ministry—One [PRQ: CD501, MS501]
3 MM614 OR MM620 Mentored Ministry—Two [PRQ: MM520/ MM514]
3 MM714 OR MM720 Mentored Ministry—Three [PRQ: MM520/514, MM620/614]
3 PR610 The Theology and Practice of Preaching [PRQ: NT(IBS)510 or 511, TH501]
As Needed
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course