The Master of Theology (World Mission and Evangelism) program is designed to introduce students within the community to theological, contextual, spiritual and strategic literatures of missiology, to prepare students for informed and effective practice of mission across cultures and within the student’s own culture. The program prepares leaders for the Church and teachers for the academy, whose service warrants missiological knowledge. The Th.M. stands alone as a recognized and respected teaching and research degree.


Program Goals

  • Possess integrative knowledge of the core literatures of the history and theology of mission together with the religious, socio-cultural, and developmental aspects of mission and evangelization.
  • Achieve some specialized knowledge within the literature of mission and evangelization.
  • Demonstrate ability to do focused missiological research.
  • Commit to cultivate holy love of God and neighbor demonstrated by a knowledge of and practice in theChristian disciplines including works of service, with particular attention to a Wesleyan understanding of the means of grace.