The Basic Building Blocks of The HUB

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by Joy Brinkmeyer, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni Office

Perhaps you are thinking, “I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Google+ so why, oh why, do I need to create a new profile on another website?” Please allow me to share our excitement with you. “The HUB” is a secure site created specifically for you and your Asbury Theological Seminary Alumni colleagues. Right now your information is being published as we have it, perhaps you have moved, you have married and now have five kids, perhaps your ministry opportunities and training at Asbury have taken you places you never expected it to! You might be surprised at how enthused your colleagues are to re-connect or connect for the first or hundredth time with you.

Check out and update your profile! Your colleagues would love to know where you are, and what you are doing these days. Add your favorite photo, and update your address. Tell us about your family, your hobbies, the ministry you are employed with or your volunteer ministry opportunities. You can share your resume with colleagues here as well!

Please take careful note of the check boxes on the right side of each field. It is here where you can choose to hide anything you do not want other alumni to see. Remember, this site is secure, and the only people able to access your information are other Asbury Seminary Alumni. You can also choose not to appear anywhere in the directory. Be sure to save your updated information at the bottom of the screen.

Your profile along with the Directory are the foundational building blocks for communing with other alumni on this site. We want to keep this family connected. Now that you’ve taken the opportunity to update your profile you can enter the Directory and search by specific criteria in Advanced Search. Remember as you update your profile, these search criteria can be used to find you. The reasons for searching for other alumni are limitless.  Maybe you feel like an island stranded all alone, and you are desiring some fellowship with people who understand your work, your training, and your theology. Maybe you are entering a new conference, and wanting to know which pastors or counselors in said conference or state are Asbury Alumni. Or, maybe, you are taking youth on a mission trip, and want to find a friendly face, and church to stay in. Come, search, and find!

This is not purely a social site, this is a great ministry network to find and offer help in ministry, as you were once trained and helped here at Asbury. Give it a try, have some fun, re-connect, make new friends, and enjoy!

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