Alumni Updates, November 2012

Lucas Rees (2009, MDiv)

Lucas and Deanna (Ingerham) Rees were married in Bradenton, Florida on June 9, 2012.  Asbury Theological Seminary Alumni participants included Ben Howard, Kyle Hazen, and Dan Bellinger. The couple currently resides in Fort Polk, Louisiana, where Lucas serves as an Army Chaplain.




David Fenrick (1996, MDiv; 2007 PhD)

David is the new book review editor for Missiology: An International Review, an academic journal with distribution in more than 70 countries.  He was also appointed to the American Society of Missiology Board of Publications and serves as secretary-treasurer for the Association of Professors of Mission.  David is director of the Center for Global Reconciliation and Cultural Education and teaches Intercultural Studies at Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN.

Stephen Hance (2009, DMin)

I wanted to let you and the ATS community know that I have been appointed Canon Missioner of Southwark Diocese. This means that I will be moving from my parish to join the Bishop of Southwark’s staff team with responsibility for mission, evangelism, and church planting right across south London. You can read more on our website and on the diocesan website.

Michael Lolwerikoi (2010, PhD)

Asbury Alumni Council Member

To our friends and partners of Unto the Least of His, Thank you for making this project in the desert possible.   Dr. Michael Lolwerikoi emailed me these pictures today and I love seeing
and sharing the miracles in the desert with you.  Can you imagine a solar water well system for the poor, overlooked and forgotten people of the sub-Sahara desert region in Samburu, Northern Kenya, Africa?  A big thanks to Warwick UMC and friends for helping to make this possible. These water wells that we are helping to place takes a
tremendous commitment of resources, time and energies. However, I
love seeing the progress and we will always remember the poor with the
love of Jesus. I can hear the children, women and men giggling as
they are getting their drinks of fresh clean water in Jesus’ name.  We
are making a difference by providing clean water which provides better
health for the community, agricultural possibilities and permanent
solutions for the Maasai people.

I would like to say Praise God for His mercies are truly beautiful and
His love is truly amazing.  Thank you and may God add His blessings to
you and your family.  I am always humbled by His call for us to be

Bobby Gale