Alumni Updates, February 2013

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Matt Conover (MDiv, 2001)

When I graduated from Asbury, I received my first church in Dike, Iowa.  I was ordained as an Elder in the Iowa Annual Conference in 2004.  I received my second church in 2005 in Sioux City, IA (proud birth place of Dr. Ellsworth Kallas!).  In 2007, I went on family leave to take care of my Dad in Silvis, IL; and during that time, I worked as an accounting supervisor for John Deere.

Last year (2012) I was offered my current position in Nashville, TN as the Director of Financial Services for the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) for the United Methodist Church.  In this position, I am responsible for the collection and dispersement of world wide apportionment funds accumulated through the various annual conferences across the US.  I am, also, responsible for the payrolls of all of the general church agencies, bishops in the US as well as the Central Conference bishops.  I can say that this has been the perfect union of two of my passions…the passion I have for the proclamation of Christ and my passion for financial administration.  I have been truly blessed to be in this position of being able to serve the General Church in such an awesome role.  I look forward to working with so many of our United Methodist brothers and sisters throughout the connection.

Dr. Mike Rynkiewich (MDiv, 1994)
Dr. Mike Rynkiewich received an “award of merit” from Christianity Today for his new text book, Soul, Self, and Society: A Postmodern Anthropology for Mission in a Postcolonial World.