Alumni Publications, April 2013

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Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism

by J. Harold Greenlee, (1943, BD)

Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism was first published in 1964 while Greenlee was on the Seminary faculty. This clear and comprehensive introduction to New Testament textual criticism has remained a popular text for beginning and intermediate students. It includes diagrams, an appendix of Latin terms, supplementary readings, a bibliography, and an index make this revised edition an invaluable resource. After 49 years on the market, it has just been published in Korean.  Click here to order your copy in English from Amazon or here to purchase from Cokesbury.


Concise Exegetical Grammar of New Testament Greek

by J. Harold Greenlee, (1943, BD)

On the market for 60 years in several editions, this book has provided a grasp of the principles of Greek grammar that are meaningful in exegesis.   Asbury Theological Seminary’s First Fruits project has made this book available free anywhere in the world.  It, too, was translated into Korean and some other languages. Click here to download your copy in English today.


Preaching Essentials: A Practical Guide

by Rev. Dr. Lenny Luchetti, (2003, MDiv; 2010, DMin)

Some suggest that preaching is an outdated mode of communication in our image-saturated, Internet-savvy world. Yet God still calls and speaks through preachers to transform people’s lives. While in many ways the task of the preacher is the same as it ever was, each new generation presents unique challenges and opportunities for those who seek to deliver God’s message through preaching.

Preaching Essentials offers new and seasoned preachers a comprehensive, practical perspective on preaching to a new generation. Short, easy-to-read chapters cover topics like the rationale for preaching, importance of context, process of preparation, mechanics of presentation, discipline of planning, and development of a growth plan. Luchetti offers plenty of fresh insights–like using story, imagination, and mind-mapping–and suggests new habits that can re-energize your preaching.

Without being theologically shallow or homiletically simplistic, Preaching Essentials is accessible and practical to preachers across the gamut of experience, education, and ethnicity, no matter where they find themselves on the preaching journey.  Preaching Essentials received honorable mention in the March/April Outreach Magazine Resources of the Year issue.

Preaching Essentials is available from Amazon by clicking here or from Cokesbury by clicking here.


Youth Ministry: What’s Gone Wrong and How To Get It Right

by Dr. David Olshine (1980, M.Div.)

The Youth Ministry “movement” has become a monument. Youth leaders are doing so much work, and it all seems worthy. It’s big, important stuff. But leaders across the nation quietly suspect that the more we do, the less effective we seem to be in reaching young people. All those retreats and camps, books and seminars, conferences and leadership symposiums—what difference do they make in young lives today?

As technology accelerates, spiritual apathy increases. Young people are biblically illiterate, bored, and find the church to be irrelevant. Parents are frustrated. Youth leaders are burned out. And high school and college students—if they ever attended—are leaving the church by the droves.

The book is set to release in October, 2013 by Abingdon Press.  Click here to pre-order your copy from Cokesbury or here to pre-order your copy from Amazon.