Asbury Seminary, which is  deeply rooted in the Wesleyan, Evangelical Holiness tradition of the Christian faith has long been a place of healing and transformation for persons preparing for ministry. In order to accomplish our mission of preparing well trained, sanctified, Spirit-filled ministers, we aim to provide a context rich with resources for transformation and the healing of brokenness.


Purpose Statement

The Healing Academy is designed to equip students and spouses with the wisdom, dispositions and practical skills to engage in the ministry of Christian healing, through participation in a supervised practicum-oriented training school.


Healing Prayer Training School

The Healing Academy is a training school that offers prayer education in the context of mentored groups, which connects students and spouses with the best of ancient and current wisdom in the healing prayer tradition. The Healing Academy provides healing prayer teams during Wednesday Eucharist and at many other worship events throughout the Seminary.  Training for the Healing Academy includes two 90-minute teaching sessions and one 90-minute coaching session each month.

In addition to providing ways and means for students to appropriate healing in their own lives, the Seminary offers the theological and practical resources needed to equip and empower persons to be healing agents in the context of their local church and para-church ministries.

Participation in the Healing Academy is granted by application only and participants are expected to continue their training and service through the end of the two year commitment.


Healing of Brokenness

God desires the healing of brokenness.  The term brokenness denotes a full range of conditions, including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social issues, which serve to create barriers to the receipt and appropriation of divine grace.  In fact, a key dimension of the biblical term “equip” is the idea of mending.  Owing to numerous cultural factors, not the least of which are deeply flawed approaches to family life and the devastating models of sexuality being advanced by mass media, the presence of all forms of brokenness are pervasive among us.


Healing Academy Training


  • student/spouse led devotions from a healing account of Jesus from the Gospels
  • 40 to 45 minute teaching session
  • guest speakers such as Dr. Steve Seamands and Dr. Medine Keener, and Dr. Donald Demaray
  • teaching video compiled from the work work of Francis and Judith MacNutt – Christian Healing Ministries.

Healing Academy participants are placed in cohort groups and meet the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month (September – May) at designated times and meet in SH 123 on the Kentucky Campus.

We are pleased the Healing Academy  is expanding to the Florida/Dunnam Campus in the Spring of 2013.  Florida students and spouses may email healing.academy@asburyseminary.edu for more information.


Coaching Sessions

These sessions offer time for mentoring where participants receive feedback on their healing prayer practice, provide opportunities for a question and answer session, and function as a safe learning environment for healing prayer.

Coaching groups meet for 90 minutes three times per semester (typically the third Monday of the month).  Groups included 4 to 6 people.  At each session the group is asked to respond to these questions:

  • What is Jesus healing in you?
  • How has your own healing impacted the way you pray for others?
  • What are you learning about healing prayer ministry?

During the coaching sessions participants have experienced God’s healing in various areas of their lives, both spiritual and physical.  They share that God healed specific struggles such as anxiety, perfectionism, living in legalism, self-control and physical pain.

Students have shared that the Healing Academy was instrumental in their formation and that God taught them foundational lessons that resonated deep within their souls.  They say that God showed them that His love heals and all can rest in that love.  They learned to be present in the moment, simply pray and that nothing is too big or small for God.


How do I apply for the Healing Academy?

The application process for the Wilmore Campus Healing Academy is now closed for Fall 2013. Applications for Fall 2014 Healing Academy cohort will open on June 1, 2014.

Students on the Orlando Campus, may proceed with clicking the application link below.

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Complete the confidential reference form


  1. You have completed, attended or are enrolled in one of the following:
    • an ATS healing conference, a Grace Retreat, DO/SF635 Theology and Practice of Christian Healing or  SF/MS780 Spiritual Warfare in Mission and Ministry.
  2. You have read at least one of the following books on healing:
    • Healing – Dr. Francis MacNutt
    • The Power to Heal – Dr. Francis MacNutt
    • The Healing Light  - Agnes Sanford
    • The Healing Gift of the Spirit:  The Healing Touch of God – Agnes Sanford
    • Exploring Healing & Wholeness:  A Journey in Faith – Dr. Donald E. Demaray
    • Healing for Damaged Emotions – Dr. David Seamands
    • Wounds that Heal:  Bringing Our Hurts to the Cross – Dr. Stephen Seamands
    • Healing Presence:  Curing the Soul Through Union with Christ – Leanne Payne
    • Consenting To Grace – Tilda Norberg


Apply for the Healing Academy