Mentored Ministry is Asbury Seminary’s field education requirement. For two or three concurrent semesters you will be involved in a ministry/local setting (differing depending on your degree), meeting with a mentor one-on-one, and spending time in a classroom theologically reflecting with your peers and Reflection Group Facilitator (professor) on your experience in your ministry/local setting.

During your two or three semesters of Mentored Ministry you will:

  • Set personal growth goals.
  • Connect to a mentor who will hold you accountable to those goals.
  • Meet each week with a campus Reflection Group and faculty facilitator.
  • Do hands-on work in a ministry setting,¬†integrating studies into ministry and life.

During MM520/601 and MM620 you will:

  • Work within the walls of a local church.
  • Be exposed to the many areas of ministry in the church
  • Set three or four goals: 1) A personal spiritual area, 2) a family relationship area, 3) and 4) ministry areas.

During MM720/602 you will:

  • Move outside the walls of the local congregation into the parish-world.
  • Extend the local ministry into a cross-cultural setting.
  • Continue meeting with your mentor and campus Reflection Group.

This is like no other seminary class. Since this is a hands-on ministry lab you will work well beyond the 2-credit hours you would expect in a normal 2-credit class.


Become a Mentor

Are you looking for information about becoming a mentor?

Read more about the requirements and download forms here. You can also watch the Mentor Training Videos online.


One of the most meaningful experiences has been conversations with my mentor while driving around town. We have been able to talk about everything from the most mundane and practical to the big picture issues of the church. This semester has been deeply enriching as a result of these conversations. —— has been intentional about sharing with me from his life, his mistakes, and his breadth of ministry experience. His wisdom and humility have helped me understand what it means to be a pastor and to disciple others. I have been able to share with him some of my doubts and fears regarding ministry and he has always been ready to listen. Through our relationship I have been challenged and encouraged in many ways. It seems as though each of us has seen in the other ways in which God would have us grow. I am truly grateful for the ways God has blessed us both through this semester.


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