The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies is a multidisciplinary program focused on learning about other cultures and developing skills in negotiating across cultural boundaries, both within and outside the United States. Appropriate academic disciplines for this degree include anthropology, sociology, ethics and theology.

Program Goals

  • Interpret and analyze various cultural contexts and religious traditions using anthropological, sociological, ethical and theological resources.
  • Articulate an understanding of the forces that contribute to contemporary multicultural complexity, including urbanization, globalization and decolonization.
  • Integrate field experiences and interdisciplinary course materials to engage a multiplicity of cultures, values and world views.
  • Articulate a biblical, Wesleyan and ethical perspective on cross-cultural mission and ministry.
  • Commit to cultivate holy love of God and neighbor demonstrated by a knowledge of and practice in the Christian disciplines including works of service, with particular attention to a Wesleyan understanding of the means of grace.

Degree Plan

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Hrs Course ID Course Name
3 CD501 Vocation of Ministry (must be taken in initial 21 hours at ATS)
3 MS501 Missional Formation (must be taken in initial 21 hours at ATS)
3 BT501 Biblical Narrative
3 NT(IBS)510/511 NT(IBS)510 Matthew -or- NT(IBS)511 Mark
3 CH501 Church History—One
3 MS655 Holistic Mission (JA terms)
3 TH501 Basic Christian Doctrine
3 MS730 Congregations and Social Change (FA semesters odd years)
3 MS708 World Religions and Mission
3 MS671 Anthropology for Mission Practice (FA semesters)
3 TH601 Theology of John Wesley
3 MM615 Mentored Ministry in World Mission and Evangelism
3 MS644 Mission of the Church in the World
3 CS601 Christian Ethics
3 MS702 Mission and Biblical Theology (SP semesters) [PRQ: MS501; BT501]
3 MS720 Capacity Building Leadership
1 MS701 Reflection Community in World Mission & Evangelism [PRQ: MM615]
As Needed
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course
3 Elective Course