The Doctor of Ministry program is designed for church leaders desiring to expand their knowledge and develop their leadership abilities.

The Doctor of Ministry Program aims at reviving, engaging, growing and equipping church leaders to lead with increasing theological depth and leadership intelligence. John Wesley’s priority on Scripture, reason, experience and tradition undergirds the curriculum of our D.Min. program, as well as our commitment to rigorous inquiry, dialogue and application.

Using peer-faculty relationships, our program creates formative spaces where colleagues can discuss and learn from hopes, hurts, questions and dreams that have accumulated along the ministry journey. Our program invites conversations around current events, trends and issues, while also bringing relevant biblical, historical and practical perspectives to bear on the ministry implications.

Proposed D.Min. Cohort Launch Dates
(4 Year Cycle)
2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
January, 2015

Kentucky Campus

    • Church Planting

(Art McPhee)

Florida Campus

    • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Bilingual

(Steve Gober)

January, 2016

Kentucky Campus

    • Congregational Vitality Process

(Jim Herrington, Trisha Taylor)

    • Theology for Social Changes

(Chuck Gutenson, Kevin Kinghorn)

January, 2017

Kentucky Campus

    • Leading Healthy Ministry

(Tony Headley, Steve Stratton)

Florida Campus

    • Multicultural Church/Ministry

(David Ireland, Rick Gray)

January, 2018

Kentucky Campus

    • Discipleship for Congregations

(Brian Yeich, Russell West, Phil Meadows)

    • Biblical Preaching

(Stacy Minger, Mike Pasquarello)

Florida Campus

    • Faith, Work, and Economics

(Jay Moon)

July, 2015

Kentucky Campus

    • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Beeson Scholar
    • Missional Communities

(Scott Nelson, Alan Hirsch)

July, 2016

Kentucky Campus

  • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Beeson Scholar
  • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Asbury Scholar
July, 2017

Kentucky Campus

    • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Beeson Scholar
    • Conflict Transformation

(Toddy Holeman, Mathieu Gnonhossou)


July, 2018

Kentucky Campus

  • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Beeson Scholar
  • Shaping Prophetic Communities: Asbury Scholar



Program Philosophy

Journeying together within a hospitable group of ministry leaders, students graduate from Asbury’s Doctor of Ministry Program with:

  • Expanded ministry capacities,
  • Increased theological understanding,
  • Enhanced leadership intelligence, and
  • Revitalized minds and hearts.


Program Goals

Asbury’s D.Min. program cultivates sustainable missional capacities among participants within a formative environment characterized by three goals. Upon graduation, D.Min. students shall have a developing ability to:

1. Integrate theoretical and theological concepts into practice.

2. Model sustainable habits that support mission-focused ministry.

3. Exegete ministry contexts as well as Scripture and theological assumptions.



Join Us for a D.Min. eLuncheon

Since not all students can come to campus for a preview, we’re coming to you. Join the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program online each Monday at noon (12:00 p.m.) Eastern Time to learn more about the program.